OCASO, Evergreen Red Ale

Description – Pours a deep red that shows off when the light hits it. This beer is full of aroma, best described as eating toffee pudding in a freshly budding coniferous forest. The taste changes drastically depending on the temperature of the beer. If you prefer hoppy beer, then it is recommended that you drink it cold (4-6°C), helping subdue the caramel maltiness and giveaway to a roasty bitterness. If you prefer malty reds, then allow the beer to warm up a bit (10-14°C) and you will notice the rich caramel maltiness pull forward and carry through the beer to the aftertaste. The beer finishes dry with a firm bitterness, but the after taste is of the roasted malt, pine, and molasses.

ABV- 4.6 % – IBU 40
Color- 16 SRM
Hops – Tradition and Chinook. Dry Hopped with Evergreen Infused Cascade.
Malt – Gambrinus ESB, Honey Malt, Wheat Flakes, Dark Crystal, T50, Carahell, Roasted Barley
Food pairings – Recommend trying with fine bourbon, cigars, dark chocolate mousse, cinnamon buns.

Inspiration Ocaso means dusk, and in this particular case, those sunsets when the sky takes on shades of red. Although colourful sunsets can be seen anywhere, the Colombian plains are especially famous for their twilight red hues where the blazing sun sinks towards the horizon colouring the grasslands.

LULOSA, Lulo Gose

Description – Pours a bright yellow and is ripe with aromatics of pear, tangerine, sea salt, coriander and fresh sourdough bread. The taste has a hint of pilsner malt but is dominated by the Lulo’s tartness and has a taste similar to kiwi. The finish is crisp, dry and pleasantly salty.

ABV- 4 % – IBU 10
Hops – Tradition.
Malt – Patagonia pilsner, flaked wheat, carahell.
Other – Lulo
Food pairings – Great with soft cheese, fruit based cheesecake, mussels

InspirationLulo is a delicious fruit native to the northwest region of South America and has several
different names by which it is known. In Colombia, it is called Lulo, while in Ecuador and Central
America this orange fruit with green innards is called naranjilla (little orange). Lulo has a tangy citrus
flavour, often described as more like pineapple, kiwi, lime, or rhubarb.

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