Andina Brewing Company is a dream that has been in the making for quite some time, but not unlike other breweries, we encountered some hurdles that were out of our control. We asked the Owners and Head Brewer, why we are considering Andina’s delay opening ‘a blessing in disguise’.

Owner, Nicolás Amaya, affirms “anybody that knows anything about the craft beer industry and especially about what it takes to start a brewery will know that one thing is, when you as a brewery owner want to open your doors to the public, and another completely different is when you can. We have repeated from the beginning the famous words from our good friend Joel Hueston: ‘We will open when we are ready’.

This phrase has a lot of meaning. When we are ready means that we will have a finished Tasting Lounge, enough fresh great beer for our customers to enjoy, and our staff will be trained and ready to take you on an Andina journey that will leave you so happy you will end up coming back many times on end”.

Andrew Powers, Head Brewer, comment the delay has given us more time to procure our highly selective ingredients from around the globe; including South America. It was also nice to have a bit more time to get the production area properly cleaned up after the heavy renovations that have been done to our beautiful old building. We are certain our customers will appreciate our due diligence”.

Delaying the opening is a blessing in disguise as we needed more time to better prepare ourselves. We are working tirelessly to ensure that Andina is the absolute best it can be and we refuse to compromise, settle or cut corners.

Owner, Andres Amaya,  add  “we needed more time to better prepare ourselves in all aspects of the operation. We are currently running extensive test batches of beer and although we have already selected various recipes which I am confident our clients will love, we still have some work to do.  As such, Andina has already selected 4 recipes for our Principales and 2 for our De Temporada beers. These beers will identify us and reflect all the hard work the Head Brewer and the Andina Team has placed behind in order to bring you these fantastic tastes, flavours and aromas.

In addition to the beer, Andina will offer a delicious food menu that includes eight types of Ceviche. Similarly to what we are doing with our beer recipes, we are perfecting these dishes to bring you a taste of our South American cuisine, which undoubtedly be unlike any other in the Lower Mainland”.

We are working tirelessly to ensure that Andina Brewing Company is the absolute best it can be and we refuse to compromise, settle or cut corners. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued support and encouragement!

We can’t wait to share our journey and passion with you and to provide you with the best experience you will ever find in a Vancouver Craft Brewery. See you soon, ¡Salud!

Media contact: Claudia Amaya, Communications & Marketing Director. Tel: 604.253.2400