Andrés Amaya, Director

Meet Andrés, co-founder of Andina Brewing Co. and our very competent CEO in charge of the front of the house operations. So why the chef jacket? Well, along with being the “Family Boss”, Andrés is bringing to the brewery his love for good food by being the creator of our amazing lineup of ceviches. He really enjoys cooking delicious dishes for his wife –Andina’s Financial Director- and his two kids.

His fondness for the good things in life that besides food includes wine, music, art and a good cigar, started early when he left his native Colombia to go to Paris.  This “Citizen of the World” has lived, studied, worked in or visited a total of 52 countries -yes, we counted them!  And through his travels he has acquired an impressive set of skills and experiences that he is now applying to Andina, which embodies his ultimate dream “to own my own business before the age of 50”.

Allan Huynh, Head Brewer

Allan is an amazing head brewer here at Andina helping to make the beers we are so proud to share with you. He joined the team in 2020 and has added great skills and personality to the team.
Allan loves to run and bike in Vancouver on his days off. His favourite tool in the brewery is the elbow connection. Who knew someone could be so passionate about something so simple?

Rocio Financial Director

Rocio Lievano, Accounting 

Rocio is a pro at managing everything related to Andina’s balance sheets. Her intuitive and honest demeanor combined with her organizational skills makes her our ideal “Financial Boss”. She oversees bringing all the wonderful items Andina imports from South America, including unique ingredients for our beer and food, and the beautiful handmade articles offered as part of our merchandising.
In her spare time, Rocio and her family enjoy adventure travel & the outdoors -she loves hiking!

Brewery Front of House Manager

Kristina Morra, Taproom Supervisor

Kristina is our fantastic tasting room supervisor who makes sure everything runs smoothly for you. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Andina team.
As much as she loves the social time at the brewery, she also likes quiet time with her Bulldog Ophelia.
Next time you’re at Andina, say hi and maybe even ask her to whip up an amazing cocktail.

Ryan Drolet, Assistant Brewer

Ryan is amazing brewer and a great recent addition to the Andina Family. He brings a wealth of brewing experience, having spent over seven years at one of Brewers Row breweries. 

Ryan is a local from East Vancouver and in his previous life he spent over 24 years within the hospitality industry, mainly hotels. He studied Jazz Guitar Performance and Music Composition before graduating from KPU in Brewing and Brewery Operations.

He is an avid home-brewer and loves spending time with his family while cooking and performing both for his family and professionally.