Andina is a family-run business, not just family-owned.

We are two brothers who married two sisters and the four of us are heavily involved in the day-to-day running of the company. As Colombians who have lived in different places including Vancouver for many years, we are the product of our combined backgrounds. Each of us is heir to a legacy of experiences, preferences and areas of expertise that we apply in our specific roles. Yet we all have the same goals: to create great products, to offer the best service possible and to treat each employee and customer as another member of our family.

Our definition of family business involves a sense of belonging. It is about those human touches we put into our company that makes people feel they are welcomed and cherished!

— The Amaya Bros.

Andrés Amaya, Co-owner / CEO

Wait a minute, is this a photo of Andina’s CEO or its Head Chef?

He is indeed the older of the Amaya Brothers, co-founder of Andina Brewing Co. and our very competent CEO in charge of the front of the house operations. So why the chef jacket? Well, along with being the “Family Boss”, Andrés is bringing to the brewery his love for good food by being the creator of our amazing lineup of ceviches. He really enjoys cooking delicious dishes for his wife –Andina’s Financial Director- and his two kids.

His fondness for the good things in life that besides food includes wine, music, art and a good cigar, started early when he left his native Colombia to go to Paris.  This “Citizen of the World” has lived, studied, worked in or visited a total of 52 countries -yes, we counted them!  And through his travels he has acquired an impressive set of skills and experiences that he is now applying to Andina, which embodies his ultimate dream “to own my own business before the age of 50”.

Andrés’ professional background in the Hospitality Industry includes managerial posts in some of the best hotels in Colombia, United States and Canada, and later as a Quality Assurance Manager around the world. He knows exactly the high quality standards that Andina Brewing Company needs to implement so it can become “the Greatest Micro-Brewery in BC”.

Motto: “Justice for everyone – Everything happens for a reason – later I will find out why”.

First Craft Beer: Driftwood’s Pale Ale                  

Favorite style of Beer: Porter, Stout

Nicolás Amaya, Co-owner / COO

He is the Rock…er of Andina Brewing Company!

Nicolás earned this title by being the originator of the idea that resulted in Andina, his fondness for craft beer, and of course his passion for good music, especially rock. He is, without a doubt an amazing guitar player –he humbly denies it- who’s been playing since he was 13 years of age. The name of his current band says it all: The Beer O’ Crats.

He reaffirmed his musical inclination by studying Recording and Sound engineering in Virginia, USA. He returned to Colombia with his future wife in tow – Andina’s Communications & Marketing Director – and together they started working in a TV & Video trade publication, she as its Chief Editor and he as her Audio Consultant. That is how Nicolás began his career in the TV industry; first as an audio post engineer for Colombian television and later, when he moved to British Columbia, as the owner and producer of Hola TV, supplying original programming for the Spanish speaking community of Canada.  During the last 10 years, he worked as a videographer for CBC TV news in Vancouver.

Besides his duties as COO, in charge of the back of the house Production & Operations, you can see Nicolás setting up cameras to document the construction of Andina, editing the videos for our Website, posting in social media, and his most important duty: being the yin to his brother’s yang. Nicolás’ good temper and laid back personality makes him the best partner to his brother, whose temperament and responsibilities sometimes make him more intense. Nicolás really enjoys working with his brother, wife and sister in law, and to be part of an industry that it’s so inclusive and helpful.

Motto: “Live life and don’t stress. I love it when I can make people laugh and I strive to make all those working with me feel like part of the family”.

First Craft Beer: Maudite from Unibroue                     

Favorite style of Beer: IPA, Gose and Saison

Rocio Liévano–Amaya, Financial Director

We’re so lucky she looks after Andina’s finances and keeps us organized!

Women are considered experts in the realm of money matters and Rocio, our Financial Director, is a pro at managing everything related to Andina’s balance sheets. Her intuitive and honest demeanor combined with her organizational skills makes her our ideal “Financial Boss”. And believe us, she doesn’t do justice to the softness of her name – Rocio means ‘dew’ in Spanish – if you don’t give her ALL the receipts on time or keep documents organized!

After finishing her studies, together with her husband Andrés -our CEO- Rocio moved from Colombia to the United States where she worked for more than 10 years in the hospitality industry. Once she became a Canadian citizen, she went back to school and decided to make the switch to the financial world, accepting a position in a prominent banking institution. More recently, Rocio joined a firm that represents cargo vessel companies around the world, getting firsthand experience in administration and corporate accounting, as well as import issues. She is in charge of bringing all the wonderful items Andina imports from South America, including unique ingredients for our beer and food, and the beautiful handmade articles offered as part of our merchandising.

She is the proud mother of two brilliant young adults, Daniella and Santiago, who currently are gathering the knowledge and experience necessary to get involved in the family business. In her spare time, Rocio and her family enjoy adventure travel & the outdoors -she loooves hiking!

Motto: “Try to find a balance in everything I do. And always Respect!”.

First Craft Beer: Pfriem Blonde IPA

Favorite style of Beer: IPA, Kölsch

Claudia Amaya, Communications & Marketing Director

I love to create, advertise, broadcast, and get the message across…Let’s just say I love to communicate!

Forgive me, but it was really weird to write about myself in the 3rd person. Ok so by now you know that I manage Andina’s online presence and I am the gatekeeper –big word during my university years- of all our communications and content; so if you’re reading this text or hearing about Andina Brewery Co. somewhere on the cyberspace or out in the world, I am probably behind it!

Communications -especially the written word- is in my soul. After getting my degree in Social Communications & Journalism, I started writing for a travel magazine and then for a Colombian newspaper.  After meeting my husband Nicolás –Andina’s COO- I became the Editor in Chief of a Latin-American trade publication. That experience gave me one of my most valuable skills, my “Universal Spanish”. There are 22 Spanish speaking countries, the majority in Latin America, each with variations and slang, so it is a real achievement to create material that every single person understands. Coming to Canada gave me the opportunity to apply those skills when, together with Nicolas, we created our first company, Hola TV, producing original TV programing for the Spanish speaking community of Canada.

Today if I am not reading, writing, or editing video, I am with my kids hopefully dancing to Latin music or cooking Colombian dishes. My daughter Gabriela loves to write as well, in English of course, making her my ideal proofreader. My charming son Esteban is the best promoter of the family business; just ask the parents of his friends and classmates and they’ll know all about Andina Brewing Company. I guess the apple, or better yet, the guava, didn’t fall far from the tree!

Motto: “Do your best in whatever you endeavor, be passionate!”.

First Craft Beer: La Fin du Monde from Unibroue

Favorite style of Beer: Blonde IPA, Sour

Andrew Powers, Head Brewer

Like the beer he creates, he is driven by balance and quality and will not sacrifice either!

How did this native of New Brunswick end up as the Head Brewer of a culturally diverse brewery like Andina? Truth be told, he doesn’t speak Spanish and with the exception of a short trip to the Dominican Republic, his Latin American influences are limited to some of the dishes he likes to cook. But what he has in abundance is his passion! That is the common language that unites him to the rest of Andina’s team, the spirit and passion behind the creation of great beers. “My passion for flavour and aroma has helped me get familiar with brewing ingredients and combining them in complementary ways. I enjoy what I do and am willing to work hard to create beer that I believe in”.

Although in the beginning he seemed too quiet and reserved among the rambunctious Colombian owners, nowadays he tells better jokes than them and the love for his craft and joy of life can be perceived in his enthusiastic demeanor.

Andrew’s passion for making beer didn’t start until he was halfway through his undergrad studies. His dream was originally to become a doctor, but after five years of working at a hospital full time, he decided that it was not the sort of lifestyle he wanted for himself. “It made me realize that I always wanted to be committed to something that I really enjoyed, and I have been brewing ever since”.

Before joining Andina, Andrew worked as a brewer in his hometown of Fredericton, New Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia. While getting hands-on experience, grasping all the various operational aspects of brewing through his work, Andrew decided it was time to to go back to school. In 2014, he enrolled in Siebel’s The World Brewing Academy, where he got his International Brewing Diploma.  

Three years ago he and his wife, Kathryn, moved to Vancouver and he joined the brewing team at Red Truck Beer Company. Looking for a better opportunity and more freedom to create his own recipes, he became the Head Brewer of Andina Brewing Company. When he’s not brewing Andina’s intriguing beer or training the staff, Andrew is cooking his favorite food, hiking, camping, or travelling the world trying new beer.

Motto: “Life is too short to not love what you do”.

First Craft Beer: Picaroons best bitter. The first flavorful beer that totally inspired him was Rodenbach Grand Cru.

Favorite style of Beer: Flemish Reds, IPA’s, Saison, Porters and Russian Imperial Stouts.

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