You can enjoy our music at the Brewery or anywhere in the world! Andina Radio is available globally simply by visiting

You can’t touch it, taste it or see it, and you might not even notice it’s there, but the music you hear in Andina Brewing Company’s Tasting Lounge plays a very important roll to create our atmosphere. Just like lighting or South American artifacts add unique elements to our décor, our music enhances the Andina experience and makes it different, memorable and more enjoyable. For us music isn’t an afterthought – it’s the soundtrack of our lives!

As South Americans and more generally speaking, Latin-Americans, our DNA is centered around food, art and music, and of those, music is the expression of our culture that plays the most important role in maintaining our spirit and shaping the diversity of our identity.

We want to share the magic of our music with all our customers and at the same time with everybody around the world. That is why we have created Andina Radio which is playing during opening hours in our Tasting Lounge and also can be tuned into from anywhere.

The music that you listen to at Andina Radio Station is selected by the Andina Family. Our playlists are individual and diverse. We asked each member of our team to suggest their favourites songs, the ones they grew up listening to and then spend many hours compiling the playlists.

“We don’t just put on a bunch of songs and hit shuffle,” says Nicolas Amaya, Andina’s owner and creator of the Radio Station- instead, we created customized playlists that fit seamlessly with our brand, capturing the best Spanish and English songs from different categories and genres. With the same philosophy we conceived our brand, Andina Radio reflects the fusion of our two cultures. A recurring format of two songs in Spanish follow by one in English blends Latin salsa, vallenato or merengue with classic rock, pop, alternative or hip hop, never lingering too long on any one genre”.

At Andina we try to distinguish ourselves by paying attention to detail giving as much thought to our playlists as we do to other aspects of what we offer. Programming music is the same as making good craft beer or food: sourcing what’s great and then making it come together in an artful and unique way.

Andina Radio; where the best Spanish and English tunes come to play!