As South Americans and more generally speaking, Latin-Americans, our DNA is centered around food, art and music, and of those, music is the expression of our culture that plays the most important role in maintaining our spirit and shaping the diversity of our identity. It is the Soundtrack of our Lives…


We want to share the magic of our music with all our customers and at the same time with everybody around the world. That is why we have created Andina Radio which is playing during opening hours in our Tasting Lounge and also can be tuned into from anywhere in the world, just by connecting to our online station.

With the same philosophy we conceived our brand, Andina Radio reflects the fusion of our two cultures; a vibrant salsa tune plays followed by a Canadian top 40 and then a Colombian latest hit will be trailed by an English rock classic. The music that you listen to at Andina Radio Station is selected by the Andina Family, creating a unique customized playlist tailored just for you.

Andina Radio

Come to our Tasting Lounge or tune in through our website to enjoy Andina Radio; where the best English and Spanish tunes come to play!

Latin Video Nights on our Big Screen

We are so excited to share with you our amazing Latin music not just with catchy sounds, but with the images of our people, landscape and traditions. Through the beautiful videos produced by renowned and emerging artists you will enjoy our incredibly diverse culture. With roots in South and Central America and even across the Atlantic in Spain and Portugal, Latino musicians have taken the traditions and sounds of their varied backgrounds and blended them with the musical influences of African and Anglo styles and sounds, creating unique songs that have crossed-over from purely ethnic markets to the mainstream music scene and beyond.

Our retracting projector screen will come down for other events like special video screenings and of course for the Soccer World Cup!

Latin Video Nights

Come to our Tasting Lounge every Thursday from 7 to 11 p.m. for our special Latin Video Nights featuring two full hours of the Hottest Music Videos from the Best Latin-American Artists, projected in high definition on our 120-inch retracting screen.

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