Our goal is to focus on quality, which encompasses not only outstanding recipes our customers will drink again and again, but also consistency, so that every beer we brew will meet our high standards. Andina’s Head Brewer, Ben Greenberg, influenced both by traditional methods and innovative experimentation, is working hard to create recipes that respect the purity of the ingredients we source locally and abroad, to ensure the most distinctive and enjoyable flavours.

Andina’s Owners, Nicolás and Andrés Amaya.

Andina’s production area occupies 9,500 square feet of floor space. A great attention to detail has gone into the design of the brewery as well as the tank configuration to ensure that we stay true to the quality guidelines we have set for ourselves.

Andina’s equipment is state-of-the art stainless steel, custom engineered, and locally manufactured. Our beers are craft brewed using a system comprised of a mash-lauter tun, kettle-whirlpool, and 40 Bbl bright beer tanks.

Andina Brewing Company shows the world how to be sustainable in the brewing industry

Making beer requires vast amounts of water and energy. That means that the impact on the environment is significant. As part of our commitment to reduce our environmental footprint we are implementing groundbreaking initiatives for resource efficiency, conservation and materials recapture within the brewing process.

The Piranha System

As a whole, making beer is an extremely thermal intensive industry. A large amount of energy is needed for the “mashing,” where malted barley is mixed with high-temperature water and again to boil the resulting liquid extracted (wort). A lot of this heated water is sent down the drain during the brewing process. So why not recycle this thermal energy?

Andina will be the first brewery in the world to implement The Piranha, a self-contained heat pump that extracts thermal energy from wastewater. The technology, created by International Wastewater Systems, is simple. The hot water that is discarded during the brewing process maintains a fair amount of energy. With the heat recovery system, The Piranha is used to capture 40% – 70% of the thermal energy in the wastewater and transfer it to the clean incoming water stream. Basically it takes a lot less energy to heat already hot water to get the needed temperatures (80℃) than to heat cold water. It all operates as a closed-loop system, meaning that the wastewater never touches the clean water. The system offers enormous potential for more productive use of energy.

Other Strategies

Another clear example of our efforts to be sustainable is the implementation of an ozone sanitation system. Historically, breweries have used heat for sanitation and chlorine (and/or other halogen chemicals), and acids for cleaning. Many brewers have chosen to completely eliminate the use of such compounds which can impact beer flavors. Ozone is a single source organic sanitizer that allows us to produce a better product through the control of spoilage organisms, mold and mildew. Ozone simplifies sanitation conserve energy and lots of water and is safe for the environment.

Andina’s Construction Timelapse: Six Months of Hard Work in 2 Minutes!

This timelapse video captures the entire construction of our brewery. The footage was compiled and edited by Nicolás Amaya.

Brewery Tours

We would love for you to pay us a visit! A tour of our production facilities will give you a behind the scenes look into our brewing process, from the raw ingredients all the way to the tap, and, of course, a taste of Andina’s freshly brewed beer.

We offer brewery tours every Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 4pm. Call us to sign up for the next tour!

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